Members are at all times to be correctly dressed and well turned out. A smart military turn-out fosters good morale and favourably influences public opinion. Personnel are to ensure their uniforms are kept neat, clean and well pressed; that footwear is in good repair and polished; and that ribbons, insignia and other embellishments are neat, clean and in good order. Officers and NCOs are to check the dress and grooming of subordinates and ensure that any tendency towards carelessness, untidiness or ostentation is corrected.


Males are to keep their hair neatly trimmed and tapered. It is not to be ragged, excessively bulky or long, or to extend within 13 mm of the collar. When combed, it is not to overlap the eyes or ears, or otherwise interfere with the normal wearing of a Service cap. If hair is tinted or dyed it is to be in single tone and a natural hair colour. Unless safety or local orders dictate otherwise, wigs or hairpieces may be worn if they appear natural and conform with these general instructions. Sideburns are to be neatly trimmed; they are not to increase in width down the side of the face, and are to be clean cut in a horizontal line, not lower than the bottom of the ear lobe. Mustaches are to be kept neatly trimmed and of moderate length; the ends are not to fall below the level of the bottom of the lower lip when the mouth is closed. Beards and whiskers are not to be worn. The face and underside of the jaw are to be clean-shaven above the collar (See Annex C).


Females are to have their hair neatly styled and worn in such a manner that the hair is clear of the shoulders in normal posture. Wearing of ponytails is not permitted. When in orders of dress 6, 7, 8, flying clothing and protective clothing, females may wear a single plait that extends below the collar, provided that it is safe, restrained, hygienic and tidy. Commanders may prohibit the wearing of a plait in units where safety is a factor. Females are not to wear their hair in a plait when on parade. If slides or combs are worn they are to be of plain design and of a similar colour to the hair. If hair is tinted or dyed it is to be in single tone and a natural hair colour (See Annex D).


While females are wearing uniform, they may wear a moderate amount of facial make-up in accordance with current styles. Clear or pale nail polish may be worn. False eyelashes may be worn as long as they are trimmed and appear natural.


While in uniform, members are to pay particular attention to their personal deportment. In public, they are not to slouch, lean against objects, or walk with their hands in their pockets. While in uniform they are not to eat, drink or smoke other than in places reserved for these purposes.

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