Final Parade 2018

Tonight 19 SQN held its annual prize giving ceremony at the New Lynn RSA to acknowledge the achievements of our members.

We were privileged to be joined by the Assistant Commandant of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, WGCDR A. Horst, NZCF.

Tonight was also a special occasion with FGOFF J. Hoult, NZCF, assuming command of the unit.

The evening also saw the transfer of Squadron Warrant Officer from W/O H. Waenga to W/O S. Wells. W/O Waenga has served the unit with distinction over the past 12 months and is moving on with her journey over seas from next year.

Photos will be added to this post when they’re ready.
A full list of awards and promotions are listed below.

General Awards
Attendance award - SGT G. Kendrick
Endeavour - CDT J. Winson
Most improved - CDT Q. Quin
Dress and Bearing award - CDT K. Ah Kuoi-Simich
Espirit de Corps - CPL J. Hussona
Community Service - CDT Z. Heslop
Training Awards
Top of Basic - CDT N. Parekh
Top of Proficiency - CDT Z. Heslop
Top Junior Non-commissioned Officer - CPL B. Hume
Top Senionr Non-commissioned Officer - F/ S. Wells

Shooting Awards
Top Shot - F/S S. Wells
Rifle Competency badge - CDT H. Weatherall
First Class Shot - CPL M. Bareham
Marksman - CPL D. Burch

F/S S. Wells 》Warrant Officer
SGT G. Kendrick 》Flight Sergeant
CPL J. Hussona 》 Sergeant
CPL B. Hume 》Sergeant
CDT Z. Heslop 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT T. Gass 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT C. Quin 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT M. Montano 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT Z. Leggett 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT W. Croad 》Leading Air Cadet

Squadron Unit Recognition Patches


We’re thrilled to unveil the new Unit Recognition Patch (URP) that we’ve just received.

Unfortunately these aren’t for sale to personnel who aren’t an active member of the unit.

If you’re an active serving member of the unit then you can get yours from the Equipment Officer for $5.

If you’re a former member of the unit, or someone who outranks everyone in the unit, send an email to and we’ll see about setting you up.

Inaugural National Aviation Skills Competition

Over the weekend a team from 19 SQN was down at RNZAF Woodbourne at the top of the South Island, competing in the inaugural 'Air Training Corps Skills' competition.

19 SQN was the unit selected from the Northern Area to compete against the other two area’s teams, and after a weekend of hard work, the team achieved 3rd place.

Congratulations to No. 17 (City of Christchurch) Squadron for placing 1st in the competition and No. 10 (City of Palmerston North) Squadron for coming in 2nd.

Included below are a series of photos that were taken over the course of the competition that we think represent the team and their efforts.

Special thanks to PLTOFF Rachel Pugh, NZCF for the photos below

78th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain - RAF100


Today we were proud to parade at the annual Battle of Britain commemorations held at the Auckland Museum alongside our fellow Auckland Air Cadet Units.

It was an honor to be addressed by CDR G. Haywood RN, Defence adviser of the British High Commission, and we were delighted to find out our reviewing officer was none other than the Commandant of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, LTCOL G. Morris.

This year also marks the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, becoming an independent force from the army and navy air forces.

The weather this year allowed for a brilliant flypast from the NZ Warbirds Association which was enjoyed by the crowd and cadets alike.

Following the wreath laying ,veterans and current RNZAF crews gathered at MOTAT for a second address by CDR Haywood under the Lancaster and the cutting of an RAF100 cake .

Eden-Roskill Shooting Competition

Ka pai and Congratulations to the Shooting team for placing First in the Eden-Roskill Shooting competition over the weekend! Scoring 440 out of a highest possible 600.

Extra special congratulations to F/S M. Wells for coming away with top shot of the day, a Marksman level 80 out of 100.

Fantastic job by our competitors who kept us on our toes and kept the competition interesting!

2nd - No. 3 (Auckland City) Squadron
3rd - No. 5 (Rodney District) Squadron
4th - No. 6 (North Shore) Squadron
5th - No. 30 (Hobsonville) Squadron
6th - No. 40 (Howick) Squadron


ITTM Course

Our most recent graduate from the NZCF Instructional Technique and Training Management Course is Acting Pilot Officer T. Ashe.

The Pilot Officer spent the week learning how to create and effectively employ a training plan for a cadet unit. After many long days, late nights, and early mornings PLTOFF Ashe has come out fully qualified!

This course is one of many available to NZCF Officers, and is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Organisations Officers.

Ffennell Medal Presentation

We were privileged to have the Assistant Commandant of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, Wing Commander A. Horst, NZCF review the unit.

The shooting team were honored to be presented their medals from WGCDR Horst. This makes the 8th consecutive time we've been top of the country and 3rd consecutive time we've been the best in the Commonwealth. With target shooting season on, the team look forward to being able to defend their accolades.

We'd also like to extend a warm welcome to a new member to our team: FGOFF J. Hoult, NZCF. We're delighted to have her aboard and look forward to having her input.

We've had an exceptionally busy couple of weeks. With CDTCPL D. Burch graduating from his Junior Non-Commissioned Officer course and becoming a substantive Corporal, CDTF/S S. Wells unsatisfied with the ordinary, being awarded top student on her Under Officer course. PLTOFF R. Gathercole, NZCF, helped train the next generation of senior cadet leaders on the Northern Area Senior Non-Commissioned Officer course, working alongside Cadet Officers from across the country.

Good grief we've been busy. But we're not slowing down. Next? Drill and Shooting.

Kia Kaha team, Onwards and Upwards!

Operation: DPM18

Over the end of January the staff and NCO Corps have been back in action preparing for the new year and new faces on Operation DPM18, our beginning of year camp that ensures all the leaders of the unit are familiar with updated standards and policies within the organisation.

Special thanks to the Albert-Eden Local board for helping us fund the activity. Thanks to them we were able to utilize equipment and locations we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

For a link to the full photo album of the event click the button below.