Happy Holidays - 2018

2018 done and dusted! - With our aptly named Final Parade over, 19 SQN has wrapped up operations on another busy, turbulent, but overall fantastic year.

Throughout 2018, No. 19 Squadron completed dozens of exercises and activities both near and far, giving our cadets a wide range of training opportunities to develop and grow as people both through the units internal activities and outsourced through New Zealand Cadet Force courses.

Habitually, we've climbed plenty of mountains and conquered many peaks, throughout the year we've crossed some deep rivers and found ourselves in challenging situations, however the tenacity and steadfast nature of our team have seen us achieve where we would have otherwise failed.

And to those who've chosen to move on to a different adventure down another path, we wish you good luck and fair winds.

Not to long from now we'll be speaking of 2018 as a distant memory and 2019 fast approaches. The staff have already been building the foundation of what will surely be another amazing year with plenty of activities and adventures to test all of our abilities on.

Keenly aware that Christmas is less than 48 hours from now, and In closing, we hope you all have a relaxing and merry Christmas and a happy new year. 19 SQN will be kicking things off late January 2019 with the NCO and Officer Corps on Operation: DPM19.

Sorry, almost forgot. Over the course of the year more than 2700 photos and videos have been taken of our cadets on operations. We've made a video that we think offers a peak in to what we've done: Check it out below!

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