Final Parade 2018

Tonight 19 SQN held its annual prize giving ceremony at the New Lynn RSA to acknowledge the achievements of our members.

We were privileged to be joined by the Assistant Commandant of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, WGCDR A. Horst, NZCF.

Tonight was also a special occasion with FGOFF J. Hoult, NZCF, assuming command of the unit.

The evening also saw the transfer of Squadron Warrant Officer from W/O H. Waenga to W/O S. Wells. W/O Waenga has served the unit with distinction over the past 12 months and is moving on with her journey over seas from next year.

Photos will be added to this post when they’re ready.
A full list of awards and promotions are listed below.

General Awards
Attendance award - SGT G. Kendrick
Endeavour - CDT J. Winson
Most improved - CDT Q. Quin
Dress and Bearing award - CDT K. Ah Kuoi-Simich
Espirit de Corps - CPL J. Hussona
Community Service - CDT Z. Heslop
Training Awards
Top of Basic - CDT N. Parekh
Top of Proficiency - CDT Z. Heslop
Top Junior Non-commissioned Officer - CPL B. Hume
Top Senionr Non-commissioned Officer - F/ S. Wells

Shooting Awards
Top Shot - F/S S. Wells
Rifle Competency badge - CDT H. Weatherall
First Class Shot - CPL M. Bareham
Marksman - CPL D. Burch

F/S S. Wells 》Warrant Officer
SGT G. Kendrick 》Flight Sergeant
CPL J. Hussona 》 Sergeant
CPL B. Hume 》Sergeant
CDT Z. Heslop 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT T. Gass 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT C. Quin 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT M. Montano 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT Z. Leggett 》Leading Air Cadet
CDT W. Croad 》Leading Air Cadet