Term 1 - Warning Orders for Activities

Hello all, detailed below are warning orders for the major activities we will be conducting in term 1 2019. Please note that while these are the main activities, these are not all the activities we will be conducting.

Briefing sheets will be sent out when the’re completed, the details below are just for you to put in your calendar. To request leave for an activity use the button in the top right hand corner of this page.

All Warning Orders listed below will be printed and on display in the foyer at 19 SQN HQ. If you have trouble reading the images you can either leave a comment saying so or contact info@19squadron.org.nz

Bootcamp - Warning Order-1.jpg
Tower de Force - Warning Order-1.jpg
Summer Camp - Warning Order-1.jpg
Anzac Day - Warning Order-1.jpg
Poppy Day - Warning Order-1.jpg
Sports Day - Warning Order-1.jpg