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Squadron BUSH-CRAFT Camps

Throughout the year 19 Squadron run bush-craft and field-craft camps to train our teams how to operate in the fantastic New Zealand environment. Often operating out of the Waitakere ranges or down at Kauaeranga valley in the Coromandel, we offer a variety of challenges and utilize the ‘walk, crawl, run’ method to ensure that while we’re offering a challenge our team aren’t put in a situation they’re not prepared for.

We don’t just run big adventure camps though, a little more closer to home, we offer day trips and experiences that don’t involve a lengthy trip. A great example of this is the utilization of Auckland’s many volcanoes, specifically Rangitoto and Motutapu island.


Courses and inter-unit experiences

Since New Zealand is a country filled with expansive, lush forests and plenty of outdoor experiences, 19 SQN often operate with other units to give our Cadets, not only the ability to experience the great environment, but do so with people from all around the country!

Safety is a key part of any operation. While the New Zealand environment offers a long list of exciting opportunities, these opportunities are best experienced when everyone is able to come home and tell their friends and families about them. New Zealand Cadet Officers undertake multiple courses through the New Zealand Cadet Forces and New Zealand Defence Force to ensure that any activity has appropriate safety measures in place and all personnel are safe.

For our Cadet Force Officers and adult volunteers this also presents the opportunities for some great qualifications at a fraction of the cost that would be paid for otherwise.