Unit Support Team

Behind Every Cadet Unit in the country is a team of parents and supporters behind the scenes helping out to make sure the unit has the equipment it needs to function efficiently. The team comes under the Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand (ATCANZ) which is responsible for community representation of the Air Training Corps.

ATCANZ also operates at district and squadron levels. The Unit Support Team (UST) is the squadron branch of ATCANZ. It provides support and funding for our unit.

The Unit Support Team is responsible for raising the additional funds necessary for the Squadron to undertake the full range of weekly unit parades and local community training activities.

If you're a parent of a cadet at the unit or a former member of the unit, or just someone who wants to help out the Unit, consider filling out the form below which goes straight to our Chairman. If not, you're still welcome to attend and have a say in the training and support your child will receive at the unit. The Unit Support Team meet on the Second Tuesday of every month during the unit's parade night. 

Current Unit Support Team Members

Chairman - Mr K. Wells

Secretary - Mrs A. Wells

Treasurer - Mr G. Heslop

Administrator - Mrs A. Hume