Commonwealth Champions

We have a proud history of coming first in both National competitions and Commonwealth wide competitions. Most notably, No. 19 Squadron has placed first in the Ffennell shooting competition, which is managed by the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting over in the UK, for the past couple years.

Marksmanship skills

Marksman aren't born, they're trained. With three badges and numerous competitions to compete in, those who tryout and successfully make it onto the shooting squad stay busy maintaining their skills on the range and defending the numerous titles the unit has earned.


Firearms safety

Nobody in the organisation can touch a weapon before going through the firearms training curriculum and passing the DFTTs (Dry Firing Training Tests). Once personnel have completed it they will eventually have the opportunity to go on courses aimed to help coach other members in the application of marksmanship.



19 Squadron competes in numerous competitions throughout the year. A couple of examples are the NZCF National competition: the Wallingford shooting competition, the commonwealth wide Ffennell competition, and closer to home, the Eden-Roskill shooting competition.